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The New Linn Kandid

Come along to our Kandid event on the 6th April

Kandidly Speaking - our new sonic hero

Back in the heady days when the Ittok first appeared we waited patiently for a cartridge to make sense of the extreme rigid engineering employed in the arm construction and then like a boomerang out of the blue the Karma arrived.

That was a defining moment. Karma as all us pseudo intellects know is something like a boomerang that comes back at you long after you have forgotten you have thrown it and the Karma gave us back the original Grace Supex musical inspiration but with added power. Growling bass riffs of perfect pitch were firmly in their place while Albert Lee's haunting guitar took the Seven Year Ache to new subtle heights.

The new Kandid is another such defining moment. I can’t say that we have been waiting for a cartridge to make sense of the Ekos SE as we were the Ittok, there are a good few around that can do a good job of that including the excellent now discontinued Akiva but now we have a a tailor fitted glove for this tonearms hand. In keeping with the latest trend the carcass is now stripped away; weight radically cut back, rigidity increased, angle of pole pieces adjusted with offset magnets. The Kandid looks nothing like Linn have ever produced and this unexpected boomerang has now taken vinyl playback to a level that can only once again be an inspiration for the digital brigade to cram billions more ones and noughts into a fruitless attempt to compete.

Linn Kanidid front   Linn Kanidid Angle   Linn Kanidid side   Linn Kanidid close

Click on the pictures for larger images

From this you may gather I am a Vinyl junkie – not so! We are working constantly to improve the digital experience but here we are awaiting the new dawn of those extra billions of dots that take us to the next digital level as the Kandid has for Vinyl. 24bit Studio Master recordings offer a virtual Karma experience. Come and hear for yourself the streaming is steaming as a new era takes off; however, the launch of the Kandid proves there is still much more to be had from the groove. I.J.A.

Kandid Facts

  • Weight reduced from 7.4g to 5.7g (less mass better tracking)
  • Cartridge housing removed (does not only reduce weight but also resonance.
  • Re-positioned cantilever within the body
  • Angle of magnets & coils offset to be parallel when record is playing
  • Extra strong 3 point body mount aircraft grade aluminium
  • Separation up by 5db over the Akiva
  • Sounds awesome out of the gate but gets better when run in
  • Looking for an inspirational LP12 upgrade? – You’ve found it!

  • Price £2960 - £2160 with Akiva exchange (- £800)

    Watch the Interview with Ian Wilson from Linn who took some time out on our launch day to explain the design concepts behind the Kandid.

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