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Linn Kore and Majik Sub Chassis

Majik & Kore upgrades for the LP12

New Majik & Kore Sub Chassis upgrades for the LP12

Standard (Majik) Sub Chassis
All new LP12 turntables including the Majik LP12 will now be fitted with the new Standard Majik Sub chassis which is a single piece aluminium pressing with bonded sections that improves rigidity and resonance damping over the previous glued design. The weak mounting area previously used for the arm board is also addressed although the standard arm board is still used with this sub chassis

The arm collar locates on the arm board in the normal way but the holding bolts clamp from the underside of the chassis eliminating direct contact with the arm board and making a tight bond to sub chassis.

The new chassis is made from 1.5mm aluminium and looking at the underside the bonded brace has been replaced by a bonded second skin that offers much better rigidity. The new design will fit any vintage LP12 so if you are interested in upgrading your LP12 please contact our sales team for more information or visit us to hear the improvements offered. Next up the new Kore sub chassis.

The Majik sub chassis LP12 upgrade - price £300 - Including fitting

Linn Majik (standard) Sub Chassis £300 inc fitting   Linn Majik Sub Chassis - underside   Linn Kore Sub Chassis   Linn Kore construction

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The Kore
The Kore is based on a Majik sub-chassis plus an arm board machined from solid aluminium. This is then bonded to the chassis eliminating movement in this area and reducing possible miss-alignment of the tone-arm.

The sub-chassis is strengthened by a multilayer, box construction, using 1.5mm thick aluminium. Three parts are bonded together using a special Linn-specified adhesive to form an incredibly stiff structure, whilst keeping the weight low.

The Kore arm-board is machined from solid aluminium using a similar process to Keel, with strengthening ribs on the underside, providing the ultimate in stiffness and rigidity. This is then bonded to a the sub-chassis so that the assembly exhibits the properties of a single piece. The arm now has a direct connection to the bearing, as the arm collar is bolted directly to the sub chassis. If you would like more information or are interested in upgrading your LP12 please contact our sales team who will be pleased to assist or arrange for a comparative audition to hear the improvements offered.

The Kore sub chassis LP12 upgrade - price £750 - Including fitting

During the recent Linn 40th year celebrations at the factory David Williamson Chief Linn designer gave an overview of the Kore and Majik sub chassis which one of our Dutch colleagues put up on You Tube and kindly shared with us below.

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