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Kudos Loudspeakers - Latest additions

“Entities not multiplied beyond necessity”

Keeping things as simple as possible but done as well as could be is at the core of Kudos philosophy. Kudos want to make products that allow their customers to enjoy their music as much as possible; so heavy words such as right, wrong, detailed, transparent and so on tend to evaporate when you first listen to this awesomely engaging loudspeaker.

Kudos uses only the very best components in their speaker designs; they have developed a longstanding relationship with SEAS who supply customised drive units to incorporate for specific applications ensuring the right matched drivers are used for each pair of speakers.

However, although it may be important to know Kudos use only the best quality components throughout and have over 20 years experience designing some of the best speakers available, it’s how they fit into your home and the music they deliver that will thrill you.

New Models just arrived - Super 10 Stand mount & X2 Floor stand.

We, of course, therefore encourage you to audition Kudos in one of our domestic style listening rooms and hear for yourself how the latest Kudos models like the Super 10 stand mount and X2 entry level floor stand can enrich your musical pleasure.

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