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VEE 1 Power supply for Naim Unitiserve

Since its launch in 2010, we at Billy Vee towers have been strong advocates of Naim Audios Unitiserve Music Server. It offers a simple, elegant, high performance
ripping/ playback solution for Linn and Naim digital streaming systems.

Ever on the look out for performance enhancements, in late 2013 we started to investigate a power supply which could potentially improve upon the generic switch mode device supplied with the Unitiserve.

The result 9 months down the line is the VEE 1.

The VEE 1 is a dedicated linear power supply which replaces the standard Unitiserve power supply. The VEE1 is made in the UK by a respected component supplier and delivers a clean, high quality, fully regulated, stable 12 volt supply. It comes in a box approximately the same size as a Unitiserve and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

We believe the improvement over the standard supply is not small and offers improvements across the audio spectrum. If you, like us, love your music, we are confident that you will appreciate immediately the benefits this power supply has to offer.

As always, we recommend you come in and audition the VEE 1 and hear what this clever power supply has to offer

If you own a Unitiserve You have to hear the VEE 1

Available now for £849

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