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Linn DS and Space Optimisation

Exakt – the Source is in the speaker

ExaKt - A digital to analogue conversion breakthough

What Is Space optimisation?

Linn introduced Exakt technology for improved speaker performance. Exakt works in the ECO environment where

E = Eliminates Phase and Modulation distortion

C = Corrects for loudspeaker driver anomalies

O = Optimises your room to enhance your musical experience

Now you can have the Optimise section of this if you own a Linn DS/DSM player in a conventional analogue system.

How is this possible?
With the introduction of the latest software from Linn all DS/DSM players can improve the performance of your loudspeakers* by helping to remove room issues.

How does Space optimisation work?

By entering the room dimensions into the latest version of Konfig, and by adding room features such as windows and doors, the programme models your room and exposes the problem areas. With this in place, the response can be adjusted to lift a veil off the music and bring you closer to the recording.

How can this help me?

Not only can the optimisation programme counter room issues, it can also help with the placement of the loudspeaker within the room. For most of us, the best position for the loudspeaker is not ideal or domestically acceptable. With Space optimisation you can relocate the loudspeaker to the desired position, feed the new co-ordinates into the programme, and it will correct for the revised location. This gives you the flexibility of better performance and domestic acceptability!

Book a demonstration and experience 'Space optimisation' for yourself.

* This includes selected models from Linn, B&W, Spendor, KEF, Kudos, Monitor Audio and ProAc

Why not come to our event on the 8th August and experience for yourself

With sessions at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00. please book your place as demonstrations will start at the allotted times.

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