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Linn Akurate DS Player

Housed in a standard Akurate metal chassis, the Akurate DS has no moving parts relying on a hard drive for it’s data input. Linn claim the Akurate DS to be the highest performing Akurate source. Free of the error correction and jitter problems associated with CD players, the DS sonically trumps their own best CD player. Offering immense flexibility it plays most available formats including Flac, WAV and MP3 and offers the prospect of studio master quality (available from Linn downloads) which is comparable to SACD.

In terms of audio performance the Akurate DS plays ripped CD content directly from a hard disc better than any current CD player can. As Linn suggest, your music can be stored on a network assisted storage (NAS) unit for quick access via a handheld device such as a Nokia N810, Samsung Tablet, Laptop PC or IR handset - more of which are becoming available weekly. For many this may seem a straightforward way to enhance their musical quality, giving greater and easier access to their music library, and for others a completely new and unfamiliar way of listening. As a Linn Elite dealer we can provide a basic or complete (turnkey) solution to allow you to transform your current system into a music system for the future.

The Good News
We don’t for one moment suggest that you abandon your favourite method of listening to your music which may incorporate listening to vinyl, CD or radio and may already encompass other forms such as satellite, computer, portable (e.g. iPod) or internet. Akurate DS and Klimax DS have been conceived for one purpose only: to convert music stored on a hard disc into the highest quality audio signal possible and we can help you transfer your current collection, provide the NAS unit and network router, and incorporate your existing music system giving you higher performance and greater flexibility for not much more than the cost of a quality CD player.
We have the Akurate DS available, set up and ready for audition so we can offer you a demonstration at your convenience. To experience the future of music now, please call or email Ian Ridge - better still bring a CD or two and we will show how easy it can be to upgrade your musical pleasure.

Akurate DS available now - Price £4500
Available in Black or Silver.

**Installation is included free of charge within the M25, mileage charges at a current rate of 40p/mile for delivery outside this area may apply. This offer may not be available from other dealers. The warranty includes our exclusive five year full parts & labour cover warranty when registered with Linn, Standard service charges will apply for subsequent years.

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