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The most Radikal LP12 upgrade ever

Radikal brushless DC motor

Urika mounted on a Trampolin 2

The new Linn Radikal Motor Control Unit (MCU) and Linn Urika Phono Stage elevates the performance of the Sondek LP12 turntable to a new pinnacle of turntable performance.

The Linn Radikal Motor Control Unit & DC Motor with on board speed management: offers a new level of accuracy, as well as radically reduced electrical and mechanical noise.

Available in solid Klimax or standard Akurate casework, this is a complete departure for Linn from the standard motor they have used for over 30 years as they now embrace a brushless DC motor housed in a machined casing specially designed to reduce vibration and resonance.

The on-board speed management system auto-calibrates the turntable for accurate motor speed control (using technology from Klimax DS), and requires no manual speed adjustment.

We will have the Radikal and Urika available for audition form 1st April so you can hear for yourself the fantastic performance increase that the MCU affords and we urge you to visit or book and audition. Generous part exchange is available for Lingo and Linto units.

The Linn Urika Phono Stage: an upgrade for Linto owners, is positioned in the best possible place - inside the deck. This greatly reduces the signal path, minimising the loss of information from the cartridge and maximising performance.

Mounted on the underside of the Trampolin for the shortest possible signal path, the dual mono phono design provides dedicated circuitry for each channel to minimise cross-talk and is powered by the Linn Radikal Motor Control Unit.

You can therefore upgrade to the new Radikal on its own but to use the Urika you will need to upgrade to a Radikal first.

A new screened T-Kable, directly soldered to the phono stage, delivers improved signal to noise ratio and the flexibility of new T-Kable enables the suspension to work more effectively without
interference and simplifies set-up.

We will be holding a special event on Saturday 25th April to launch the Radikal and Urika and invite you to come along with some of you own music to witness first hand the major improvements both units offer and how you can gain a new lease of life for your treasured vinyl and meet some of the Linn team responsible for the design. Please visit our event page here to register your interest.

Linn Radikal – Klimax  case available now - £4700
Linn Radikal – Akurate case available now - £2800
Linn  Urika  –  Phono stage  available now - £2350
Purchase both together and save up to £575.
Linn Radikal – Klimax case  + Urika - £6475
Linn Radikal – Akurate case + Urika - £4550
All prices are inclusive of UK VAT

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