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New Linn Akurate System

Capture your albums on hard drive and set the music free

The new Akurate system is housed in an elegant new enclosure providing a distinct look and feel that reflects Linn’s new Akurate standard. The new enclosure not only offers a striking new look but also houses a dramatic performance increase.

The following are major updates that have been made to the internal Akurate system design which result in a substantial increase in audio quality:

• Akurate DS features a completely new audio board, re-designed for pure performance and now offer digital out via SPDIF or BNC
• Akurate Kontrol is a new dedicated analogue pre-amplifier designed from the ground up for exceptional stereo performance
• Akurate Power Amplifiers receive an aesthetic and acoustic enhancement with the new enclosure
• Balanced connections are available throughout the entire Akurate system enabling further improved system performance if desired

The seismic change is within the Akurate Kontrol. The previous unit was essentially a re-badged Exotik D+A but this Kontrol is a true dedicated stereo preamplifier – back to the future - and Linn have spent much R & D time on isolating each selected source signal to further reduce the noise floor. Below is the full Monty of improvements.

Akurate DS
• Completely new audio board re-designed for significantly improved performance, featuring:
• new lower jitter master clock
• improved DAC power supply and layout
• new lower distortion output circuits
• Improved internet radio support now includes metadata (available for all DS players)
• Reduced power consumption in sleep mode
• Digital output for more connection choices
Akurate Kontrol
• Completely re-designed dedicated analogue stereo pre-amplifier
• New lower distortion control circuitry for reduced noise on the audio signal to deliver higher performance
• Galvanic isolation effectively 'disconnects' unused sources to reduce crosstalk, interference and noise
• Balanced audio inputs and outputs
• Front-panel headphone socket uses lower distortion Class A amplifier for improved performance
• Front-panel AUX socket for easy connection of portable devices
• Ethernet-enabled for easier setup over the network using Linn Konfig
Akurate Power Amplifiers
• Aesthetic and acoustic enhancement thanks to the new enclosure design

All this la-de-da is a virtual feast for tech heads but how much better is this new system? The answer to that one is a lot. Although most is down to the improvements in the new DS design and the Kontrol, the new casework for the power amplifiers does play a part and the icing on the cake is the new Cara 10 software.

As ever you will only be able to really tell when you listen for yourself and we of course can help you there. If you decide you want to upgrade we can also help you there with generous part exchange allowance, finance options, the odd promotion, performance tweaks, top quality installations and all that dealer la-de-da that we are known for – go on, you know you’re dying to hear it give us a call and get an audition.

New Akurate DS Player - Price £4500.
New Akurate Kontrol preamp- Price £4200.
New Akurate 2200 power - Price £3350.
For up to date information please contact Ian Ridge on our sales numbers or by email on the left of the page.

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